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1932 (Nov.) Founder and former CEO Yuji Nitta opens secondhand bookstore "Yushodo Booksellers" in Naka-Sarugakucho (now Jimbocho), Tokyo.
Closes shop due to the intensifying of WWII. Shop destroyed during air raid in April 1945.
Reopens in Koishikawa, Tokyo as "Yushodo Ltd.".
1960 (Feb.) Present CEO Mitsuo Nitta establishes "Yushodo Co., Ltd." in Yotsuya, Tokyo. Begins books-import business.
1962 (May) Establishes "Yushodo Film Publishing, Ltd.". Yushodo Film becomes a pioneer in Japan in the area of microform publishing.
Becomes exclusive distributor in Japan of U.S. microform publisher UMI (now ProQuest Information and Learning).
Together with 10 other major antiquarian booksellers in Japan, establishes the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Japan (ABAJ). The following year ABAJ is accepted as a member of the ILAB (International League of Antiquarian Booksellers), thus becoming a major bridge between the domestic and international antiquarian book communities.
1964 (May) Resumes publishing activities; publishes a 50-volume reprint edition of the Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan.
Holds first antiquarian book fair at Keio Department Store in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Acquires the exclusive distribution rights in Japan to the fourth edition of the Times Atlas of the World from Times Books.
Opens Kansai Office in Kyoto.
1968 (Sep.) Moves headquarters to new building in San-ei-cho, Tokyo.
1972 (Jan.) Establishes wholesales company "P.I.C." (Publishers International Corporation).
1973 (Sep.) Hosts the 22nd Congress and 5th International Book Fair of the ILAB in Tokyo. This was the first ILAB Conference and Book Fair held in an Asian country.
1976 (May) Becomes exclusive distributor in Japan of U.S. law publisher Matthew Bender & Co., Inc. (now part of LexisNexis).

(Nov.) Holds the 1st Yushodo International Book Fair.
1978 (May) Opens Hachioji Office.
1981 (Apr.) Opens Annex building in Otsuka, Tokyo.
1983 (May) Publishing division is made into an independent entity, "Yushodo Press, Ltd."
1984 (Sep.) Together with Yamato Transport, Yamatane Corporation, Kodansha, and 20 other companies establishes "Japan Culture Corporation (JCC)", a warehousing service for books.
1986 (Aug.) Participates in the 52th Conference of the IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) held in Tokyo.

(Nov.) Begins an annual "Yushodo Forum" for librarians, scholars and bibliophiles.
1988 (Jul.) Begins the microfiche publication of JMSTC (Japan Meiji Short-Title Catalogue), edited by Waseda University Library.

(Oct.) Opens "Yushodo Operations Center (YOC)" in Isawa-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture.
1990 (Oct.) Hosts the 30th Conference of the ILAB held in Tokyo.
1993 (Sep.) Becomes exclusive distributor in Japan of U.S. law publisher Clark Boardman Callaghan (now part of the West Group).
1994 (Jul.) Merges Yushodo Press Ltd. and Yushodo Film Publishing Ltd. to form "Yushodo Press Co., Ltd."

(Oct.) Together with Swindon Book Company, holds the Hong Kong International Antiquarian Books and Prints Fair, the first fair of its kind in Hong Kong.
1995 (Jun.) Together with the Huntington Library, publishes The New Ellesmere Chaucer Facsimile, a fine-art facsimile edition of the Library's precious Canterbury Tales manuscript.

(Sep.) The Business & Law Books division is merged with P.I.C. to form "Yushodo Fantas Corporation".
1996 (Jul.) Opens "Gesner Library" in Yotsuya office devoted to bibliographies and books on books. Establishes the "Gesner Award" given to outstanding works in the fields of bibliography and books about books.
1999 (Jul.) Wholesale division of Yushodo Fantas (former P.I.C.) is moved to Yushodo Co., Ltd.

(Sep.) Hosts the 21st Congress of the AIB (International Association of Bibliophiles) held in Tokyo.

(Oct.) Participates in the "1st Library Fair" held at the Tokyo International Forum by JCC.
2000 (Jun.) With the cooperation of Bruce Ferrini, holds an exhibition of medieval manuscripts in June, and an exhibition of manuscript books of hours concurrently with the 2nd Library Fair in November.
2001 (May) Cooperates in Tamagawa University's "John Gould" Exhibition. Yushodo has helped the university in acquiring Gould's ornithological works as well as in their digitalization.
2002 (Jan.) As a 70th Anniversary Project of the Yushodo Group, Yushodo Press begins publication of Shin-Ikoku Sosho, Series III, a translation series of early western accounts of Japan.

(May) Invites Mr. Winston S. Churchill, the late British prime minister's grandson, as lecturer at Yushodo Forum 2002, co-sponsored by the Thomson-Gale Company.

(Nov.) Holds an International Antiquarian Bookfair and Forum in commemoration of its 70th Anniversary.
2003 (Jul.) Kansai (Kyoto) Branch office moves to a new building.

(Oct.) The microform publishing section of Yushodo Press Co., Ltd. is made into an independent corporation named "Yushodo Film Publication Ltd". The Yushodo Group thus becomes a group of four corporations: Yushodo Co., Ltd., Yushodo Fantas Corporation, Yushodo Press Co., Ltd. and Yushodo Film Publication Ltd.

(Nov.) Co-publishes the 11th edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World with HarperCollins.

(Dec.) Co-publishes the Peterborough Bestiary with Faksimile Verlag Luzern.
2004 (Jan.) Yushodo Press completes publication of all 35 volumes of the Shin-Ikoku Sosho, Series III.

Becomes distributor of the fine-art facsimile edition of the Pelplin copy of the precious Gutenberg Bible, published by Bernardinum Publishing House of the Pelplin diocese of Poland.
2005 (Jul.) The former Kansai Branch of Yushodo Co., Ltd. is incorporated as "Yushodo Kyoto Company Ltd.", a 100% owned subsidiary of Yushodo.
2006 (Jul.) Yushodo Film Publication Ltd. changes its name to "Yushodo Archives Co., Ltd."